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Website for Premium Collection of Patterns

Hyderabad, India

  • UI Development
  • Interaction Design
  • Full Development
  • Content Writing / SEO

WowPatterns is a marketplace which provides all the best premium & free pattern collections and all kinds of patterns categories for all the diverse businesses like fashion, graphic design, fabric, eletronic accessories, wallpapers, upholstery and much more. It also allows any body to upload their pattern designs through the site, and upon approval is made available for the publc to use and appreciate.

We had to do the front-end code as well as the responsive design on the go, while we also decided to take up the back-end work on this which is made using a PHP framework. We have multiple features and modules built in which are not yet launched, since this is BETA launch and in a while we would be adding more and more features to make this site even more awesome than the existing one.