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Research & Strategy

We do from market research to content strategy, from stakeholder research to user research, from analytics reviews and latest technology standards… we try and understand your business, your industry you’re your customers to ensure every information we gather & analyse is based on an informed decision and choice that us relevant. And based on the research we strategize our overall approach, design, content architecture, interactions and how to go about the whole thing.

User Experience Design

We design human-centric solutions. We understand the user expectation level, demographics, pain points, targeted audience and the need before starting the basic design process. We do information architecture, interaction design, usability, interface design and more. We make sure the solutions we design are as usable as they are awesome. We never shy of from extra effort to provide a consistent experience throughout all the platforms, devices and screen sizes with a seamless and beautiful responsive design.

Branding & Identity

We make sure that you don’t have to compromise on creating a memorable and unique brand for yourself or your firm. Product Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Architecture, Visual Identity and more are few of the major things we do to provide you with the best branding solutions for your company or product, so that your reputation precedes you. Designs for letter heads, stationary, visiting cards, logo, packaging etc. are all just a few things under our branding services.

Design, Illustrations & Print

Our experienced and fun loving designers’ have creative juices running through their veins and they enable us to provide you with the best options for graphic design, colour combinations, theme & typography, according to your requirements, while making sure to add just a little bit of magic to make it stand out. Beautiful images, illustrations, brochures, book covers, flyers, posters, cards and logos are just a few things we provide under our creative services. We pretty much love to get our hands dirty in anything that has to do with making content or images look good on a piece of paper or cardboard or plastic or a box.

Design & Content Writing

We believe content and its layout is one of the most critical aspects of any application, website or print design. Even if you have the best design, color scheme and awesome interaction design… in the end if the content isn’t making any sense or the user has difficulty reading or understanding what you’re trying to say or depict, then everything goes to waste. So, we make sure to provide meaningful relevant content which is SEO optimized and also supported by proper and clear information design for a landing page, company brochure / profile, documentation, newsletters / mailers, articles, product reviews, flyers and much more.

Quality & Testing

We make sure to provide the best in class, top notch quality in our design while keeping the bar high to provide pixel perfect design. We also have processes and plans to maintain and ensure the quality of the product by performing multiple test processes like usability testing, code review, browser compatibility testing, platform testing and device testing, to provide a stable usable product. Quality is something we don't compromise on and we continuously upgrade ourselves with the market expectations and standards to improve our products and end results.

Hosting & Domains

Since most of the clients don’t want the headache of getting their website made by someone else and then finding another company for the domain registration and hosting solutions for the same website, we also care enough to provide hosting and domains services to the client as well with all the other design and development services, under one roof.

Coding & Development

We have diverse expertise in both latest front-end & back-end technologies in the industry to provide custom CMS’s, bespoke WordPress solutions, ecommerce websites, open source framework based websites & online tools and more. We mostly follow an agile process and iterative approach to keep our stakeholders engaged and involved to provide the best mission critical solutions for them. We are lucky to have a skilled team who have worked on multiple platforms, multiple & frameworks.

Visual Design to Code

We convert you visual design files into hand-coded, SEO optimized mark-up, based on the latest standards like CSS3, HTML5, responsive design, and tested in all modern browsers, platforms and devices. We can convert any PSD (Photoshop) or AI (Illustrator) file into a working front-end solution. Adding to it, we can also convert your design into a WordPress theme or into an HTML email template, compatible with all modern email clients, and also support integration with MailChimp and more.

Social Media Management

Wecan’t deny the power of social media platforms and how it plays a crucial role for a business or product to succeed or connect with people. After all, every business is “people business”, and what better way to reach out to people and communities than social media and apps. We try and upgrade ourselves with the new and latest trends on social media and how to build our social networks and connect with people on a regular basis to understand, research, survey, share, market and talk about what they need and what they like.


Well beautiful photographs or images can never be replaced by words, be it print media or a website. Since an image / photo has pretty much the same importance as the textual content, or maybe even more importance than the text, we made sure to cover that aspect as well, to provide top class services for industrial, fashion, product, on-site and still photography.

Training Programs

After so many years working in this industry, with an accumulated experience of more than 60+ years, we realized why not impart and share what we know and also create a team in parallel and offer students an actual experience of how to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world, not just in India. So we have started providing training programs for the people (freshers, students, non IT people, house-wives, anyone) to learn design / development / content writing, so that they can either start a new career or become a part of us.

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