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Best Curated Deals from Amazon

Hyderabad, India

  • UX / UI / Interaction Design
  • UI Development
  • Interaction Design
  • Full Development

EndingSoon is a curated short term deals website especially from Amazon in all categories which expire soon and provide the best deals for the users. This site mainly focusses on being light, loading speed and ultimate accuracy of the deals available.
We had to come up with the simple clean UI layout for the everyday user to get the best deals with the least amount of clicks and time. The design was based on a very standard layout for any e-commerce or deals site so that the user doesn't need any learning curve to understand the site and the process flow. And we also focussed on the search accuracy for the deals so that they won't miss what exactly they are looking for. The mobile layout is also pretty smooth and simple which showcases all the deals with just a few scrolls.