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UX Design Training Program

UX Design

Enhancing User satisfaction forms the bedrock of our UX Design programme. Keeping the industry standards in mind we have curated this for those who keep on wondering on how to improve the design. The programme will help the trainees in understanding the user through information architechture, user research, visual design and interaction design. By the end of the programme the trainee will be well acquainted with User Experience design which will enhance their career options.
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UI Design

This programme will help you gain an understanding of the critical importance of UI Design by looking at the current design trends. The trainee will learn how to create the UI of a website and an application which are becoming increasingly popular in this digitised world. Only a well designed UI can give the user a desired experience. The importance of wire framing, colour and type are some of the key elements which the trainee will get to learn about.
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UX Design Training Program
Content Writing Training Program

Content Writing

Content writing is an important part in delivering what you are thinking to the end users so they can understand you correctly. The programme will help you gain knowledge about this through a number of exercises like mind maps and brainstroming, which will broaden your horizons and help you dig deep into the concepts. The trainees will be able to create content keeping SEO in mind, which increases the visibility of a website.
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UI Development

Development helps in making your designs come to life. With our experienced developers the trainees will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other popular CSS frameworks. A UI Developer plays a dual role in being a web designer and web developer to make the website work seamlessly and efficiently. With this course the trainees will be industry ready and be able to develop website easily.
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UI Development Training Program
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