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  • Wildfact Photography - Dezmi

WildFact Photography

Global Wildlife Photography Community

Greece & India

  • Branding / Identity
  • UX / Interaction Design
  • UI Development
  • Back end development
  • Laravel / PHP / HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  • Responsive Design
  • Digital Marketing / Social Media
  • Content Writing

Wildfact is a collaborative effort of 2 individuals from two corners of the world, India and the US. Both being extreme enthusiasts of wildlife and nature, have vast knowledge about different species, animal history, forests, sanctuaries and wildlife myths, so they decided to share all of that with the world through their niche forum and a photography community exclusively for wildlife lovers. They made sure to create a platform for photographers around the world to share their creative efforts with lens with other nature and wildlife lovers who would appreciate and collaborate on more such endeavours.

For Wildlife Photo Sharing portal we used Laravel PHP framework, with modern features like multi-upload, flat design interface, auto EXIF, tagging, comments and reply on photos, upvote / downvote, custom photographer profiles and much more. We designed each and everything from scratch, inclusive of the Admin Panel and many other aspects of the whole website. We also manage the Digital marketing, SEO, Social media and content writing for this site as well.